Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 22... Edinburgh

September 22
Things to do in Edinburgh:
1. Scour the castle
2. Bask in the Cafe that JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter (the second Bible)
3. Find the cemetery where names from Harry Potter are located
Today we set off on a small adventure to the town of Edinburgh just a short bus ride from Glasgow. The list from above is what I wanted to accomplish. I did the first two but will have to return to finish the second. The city was hosting a rally for the National Party of Scotland. There is a big debate going on whether Scotland should remain a part of the UK or become its own governing country. The rally was interesting to see, there were people waving flags gathered around listening to the leader of the Nationalists party. The castle of Edinburgh sits at the top of a hill type structure and you can see in every direction. Apparently, the castle is still a military base with soldiers and a governor residing in a few buildings. Today there was also a wedding taking in place in the small chapel. Edinburgh is similar to Glasgow but much more touristy. The next time that I go to the city, I think that I will plan better on what I want to do. There is a lot of interesting things to do and see in the city but I was so set on going to my mecca, the place where JK wrote, that I probably missed out on a lot. I guess that planning ahead is  going to be a good tool to keep in mind when traveling through out the rest of the term. The pictures below do a better job at describing than I do, so, enjoy.


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  1. Next time you go to Edinburgh, do the ghost tour, it's awesome!!