Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 23-27... Falling behind

September 23-27
Where has the time gone?! Well, this out of character falling behind in my posts is not my fault. My computer had to go into the Apple store to get a DVD player transplant, it made it out of surgery safely and I am back to blogging. Surprisingly I made it through the week without a computer fairly well... I think that I became ill and started reading a book for fun! It's been awhile since I have done that, maybe I will start running everyday again. Classes went fairly well, my art history class has still managed to only meet once so far. For photography I shot a whole roll of film in black and white. On Wednesday, we had to remove our rolls from the camera in complete darkness wind them on a different wheel to develop the negatives. This process was so nerve-racking, I couldn't see a single thing and I was afraid I was going to ruin my pictures. I could hardly tell how they turned out, the negatives were so small. I think that a few of them are pretty good. Taking the pictures, I was in super stealth mode, taking pictures of an elderly couple holding hands and a man walking his dog. I finally got all my books, I am excited to look through my astronomy book! Preparing for Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany this weekend! I have no idea what to expect, a little apprehensive about the whole language barrier thing, but hey, Scottish people speak a different language. Tomorrow off to Munich, planes, trains and automobiles!

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