Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 9 ...Church

September 9
Today I woke up with an usual feeling of ambition. After a long day yesterday I thought that today would be spent mostly in my bed.  However, I woke up and went for a jog through the park. Then came back and found a church that I thought was close. I was mistaken the computer said that it would take me about 30 to 40 minutes to walk there. The computer lied, it took me 40 minutes power walking like a shopper of Black Friday.  I made it to the cathedral near the River Clyde just in the middle of the first reading. The cathedral was surprisingly small in size but absolutely stunning inside.  The interior looked as if it had just opened the week before. After the service was over I made my way back to my housing and prepared myself some lunch. Notice the cycle again, walking, eating and sleeping. After lunch a nap was needed. After a quick power nap some of the girls and myself ventured out in the city in search of some Sriacha sauce. One of the girls apparently, absolutely needed it for the year... We got caught in the rain and we forced to run from one doorway to the next trying to dodge the rain. After a quick dinner I joined a girl for a comedian at one of the school's union. After a long day of walking I returned to my room and called it a night. I would say that it had been a pretty busy day. The next task I need to conquer is laundry. This task should be interesting especially since it costs 2 pounds to wash and a pound to dry. I don't know why they make it more expensive to wash, that is the one thing that absolutely needs to be done. I can always air dry.

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  1. Keep writing, Maggie! It's fun to hear about all your adventures. But I have yet to hear about your classes/homework. Teehee. Glad to hear you're enjoying Scotland so far. The photos are beautiful. LH