Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 11... Classes

September 11
I have been procrastinating the REAL reason I am here, to further my education. Up to this point, classes hasn't been my real priority. I mean I have been trying to get a phone, find groceries, not getting lost, so on and so forth. But today I realized that I had been in Scotland for more than a week and I still don't have a plan to what as I am going to be taking or when or even where. Mission today: figure out schedule and to register as a student. I know that sounds bad but as an international student I arrived here a week before the first years and my portal for registering is giving me dificulties. So after meeting with the international student advisor I am registered for Art History, Exploring the Cosmos, Black and White Photography, and Scottish Enlightenment. I have my portal and registration partially figured out which means I one step closer to getting my student ID card. After a long day of waiting in que (line) for no lie, two hours I returned to my room and took a much needed nap. I am telling you the cycle is infaliable. Eat, walk, and sleep. After my nap, I took a nice long walk to the city center to help some friends find rain jackets and gloves. The weather here has taken a turn for the cooler and rainier, which doesn't bother me, I think that I should have been born in Portland or Seattle. I was famished after our walk so I prepared myself some delicious dinner and turned in for the night. I must be getting old, sleeping is so much more appeasing than anything else. Tomorrow's feat, signing up for clubs.

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