Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 10... Freshmen

September 10th
To be young again, I forgot what it was like to be a freshman. College or university was so new and so exciting. New people to meet, a roommate for the first time, not living at home. Some of the first year students here are 17!! I feel so old compared to them, I know that it is only four years but seriously.  Today was the first day that orientation for first years really started. There was an address by some faculty members and school pride chanting by the school unions, which are from what I understand bigger but similar to Greek houses. Walking up University Ave, a person could be lost in the waves and masses of people that are promoting the 'best' night club or handing out promotional coupons for Dominoes. After feeling overwhelmed by the advertisers that nearly pounce on you, I headed to one of the Union pubs for a pub quiz. Apparently these events are quite frequent here in Glasgow. It is like trivial pursuit but a little more rowdy. This took nearly all of the afternoon and then headed to a student favorite restaurant, Ketchup for 2-for-1 burgers (all those wondering, I have not stopped not eat beef). After a delicious Mexican veggie burger, we head to a concert showcasing some great local talent, Admiral Fallow. The concert was great but my feet flat completely flat after standing up for nearly three hours. I love the city here but until classes finally start I still feel like I am on a great vacation. Laundry still not done, maybe later.

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