Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 7 ... Museums and a lot of Walking

September 7
Apparently the city of Glasgow is very good at preserving their history and the history of many things because there are about a bigillion museums that are worth seeing.  Today, I notched one more off my list. Some floor mates and myself embarked on a hike to what seemed like the other side of town to see the museum called Scotland Street School. The museum housed a Petter Rabbit exhibit and the rest of the museum was dedicated to the history of school in Scotland and Glasgow.  It was very interesting to read about school at the time of WWII and the children having to be evacuate from the city.  I remember this tidbit of information from the original The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and also from the Disney movie Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks.  But to see actual pictures and read stories about children leaving their family made the situation more real. After perusing the museum for quite along time to compensate for the long walk, we headed to the underground stations (subway) located conveniently across the street (which we should have taken on the first leg). The long walk wore down the moral of the group and the search for more museums was ended prematurely. Lunch and a nap were in dire need. After a nice rest and some left-over chicken curry I hit the streets and headed to the park for a nice stroll. I don't know why, but I am oddly fascinated by the skate park and so I often pass by a couple of times on my walks. Tonight was the opening night for most of the students to head back to campus so there were some social gatherings arranged including two traditional Scottish dances.  We stayed for the tradition rug cutting and then made our way to the pub for some refreshments.  The Glaswegians (people from Glasgow) never cease to impress me. We were sitting on the patio near some   proud Glaswegians. They asked us about where we were from and told us a little about Glasgow. They were very generous and also very good at being Scottish (I hope that I don't have to spell it out).  By the end of the conversation, one of the men had to be asked to leave because he had become so passionate about every topic that was brought up. A good ending to a great day!

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