Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 15 and 16... Museums and Walking

September 15 and 16th
This weekend is for museums. In two days I made it to seven historical sites in Glasgow. Saturday two girls from Kentucky and I set out on a quest to find the Science Center. There walk there was beautiful, the sidewalk lead us along the river and eventually across a small footbridge to the museum. The Science Center was more geared for an age group under 10 years but all the activities were engaging, I can pretend to be ten for a few hours. After exploring the main part we headed to the iMax theater for a showing of Sea Rex, a movie on prehistoric fish. Being partial narcoleptic I feel asleep bout half way in. The Scottish BBC building was just across the way from the Science Center so meandered over hoping to squeeze in on a free tour but the tours had been booked months in advance. We headed back across the river and downstream to the Tall Ship and the Riverside Museum. In the museum there were cars, trains, planes, buses, and so much more. The amount of history that was in the building was stunning. Walking around I was reminded of the Little House on a Rock museum in the US. There were so many things in this building. We headed back to campus for a free dinner offered by the Catholic church on campus. Little did we know that we would have to sit through a two hour meeting to get the food. The food was good and there was free wine with the meal, got to love the Scottish people. The meeting was on the long side but what Catholic doesn't get long winded in a discussion. Sunday was another long day of history, we went to a Jewish synagogue, the Glasgow School of Art, the Willow Tea Room, and a flea market. The tea room was very quaint and very English, the synagogue was beautiful and the flea market was a little dodgy. We headed back to Cairncross for dinner, since the most I ate was to small shortbread cookies and a bag of crisps (chips) since breakfast. I ate a whole zucchini and tomato fried by myself I was so hungry. I have been thinking about going to Germany with a friend for Oktober fest and tonight we looked at tickets and then headed to the pub for some live jazz. Classes tomorrow, I am supposed to have 5.

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