Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 6... Lazy Day

September 6
Sleeping, there is nothing better, especially when the sky is always overcast and it seems at any moment that the clouds will dump their rain.  Today I slept in until 10:00 and then feeling extra ambitious and motivated from a good night rest went for a jog through the park.  The hills here are something that I did not consider, at every turn there was another hill that seemed to be going up. But fortunately the beautiful scenery distracted me, the park home to playgrounds, gardens, and even a skate park. This morning the park was filled with mothers pushing strollers, there was even a group of moms that were doing a workout with a trainer and there small ones in strollers just watching. My phone here has been causing some problems so I had to head to the city center to see if what the troubles were. On arrival, the phone salesman informed me that the company has been experiencing some major glitches and that my 10 pounds worth of minutes and texts was still there. This is the second time in less than a week that my walk to the phone store has been pointless. Meandering around the city center my roommate and I bumped into the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art.  There were four floors of artwork ranging from photographs to videos to models of buildings.  This was quite interesting but my favorite piece of art was a video. The video was of a homemade booty-trap, like the ones you made with dominoes when a child.  The film was rather long and we only stayed a short while before we moved on to the next gallery. Heading back into the eternal mist we made our way back to Cairncross House for dinner of yet again pasta and noodles. I think that I am going to have to branch out from noodles and rice soon. International Banter, a group of students from the Uni, hosted a board game night for international students and all who wanted to join. I entered a game of poker with several other students that were of similar skill level, when I say skill I mean we could all hold our cards, barely. After a painstakingly long game we head our to the University Union to meet up with other students. The city of Glasgow seems to never sleep, there are people out and about at all hours of the night. But my eyelids grew heavy and I knew that I had to continue the cycle of eat, walk, and sleep.  After a night and restful day I headed back to my room ending yet another day.

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