Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 4... Class Sign-Up

September 4
I am a person that can fall asleep anywhere and that includes in a foreign country. Many people have troubles getting on sleeping schedule but when you sleep all the time traveling across oceans doesn't hinder you sleeping ability. So, when 8:00 comes around getting myself out of bed is a difficult task. Today, we have the option to meet with our professors and find more out about classes.  I have been approved for all the classes that I am interested in taking here to transfer back for credit at Augie.  The only problem is that I cannot get into the portal here to sign up for school and classes. We marched off to the information fair to converse with our potential professors.  I am required to take one class, Scottish Enlightenment, for my program. This leaves two openings that I can fill with whatever I choose.  I heard from a Uni student that one of the Astronomy classes I wanted to take was good and formed for international students and the other class that I am going to take is called Black and White photography (why not take a class that will force me to take pictures, since I loathe taking photos). After this I had a walking tour of the campus where I met a fellow American (surprise since half of the international students are American) who wants to travel all over while she is here for the semester.  After the tour we grabbed a cup of tea with the rest of the group and then embarked on a journey to the city center for dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies.  On the way back we stopped for dinner at a quaint pub that generally has live music and found out that some of our favorite bands will be here in the month of September!! After dinner and brisk walk back we started to scheme about traveling around Europe.  Nothing is set in stone but we are trying to find a cheap option to get us to Oktober fest in Germany... Today equals a success!

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