Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 17.. Classes

September 17th
Today I was supposed to have five classes but ended up only having two. Scottish Enlightenment and Exploring the Cosmos. Both I am very excited about. The astronomy one reminds me of my obsession with the moon in the third grade. We get to learn about the sun, solar system, and ect. The lecture hall for Cosmos is huge, there are about 200 students in the class. The boy sitting next to me told me that this was his smallest class! Not used to this coming from Augie. The other class will be a lot of reading but I will need a 'good' book to read while I am traveling. The Scottish Enlightenment is very similar to a class at Augie considering that all of the students in the class are from schools similar to Augie. I think that I will like this class. After class I booked my flight and train to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. The tickets were a little more than I wanted to spend, but you only live once and how many people can say that they have ACTUALLY been to Oktoberfest? I am excited it is not this weekend but the upcoming. Who needs money anyway? After booking my tickets I got to Skype Krista at home, which was super fun. I got to catch up on all the gossip and news in South Dakota. A good first day of class, no homework. (maybe no homework because I don't even have my books yet, oops)

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  1. Have fun at Oktoberfest and have a pretzel it will help!!!
    Bob and Beth