Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 13 and 14.. Last few days of Orientation

 September 13 and 14th
Wow, I am falling behind! The last couple days of orientation were pretty uneventful. More walking and getting bombarded by people handing you promotional flyers. The week is coming to a close and I still have not done laundry, maybe if I wait long enough the prices will go down? Doubtful. I am getting so excited for classes to start to finally have something to do.  Thursday night I attended yet another Ceilidh, which is traditional celtic dancing. These dances are so exciting. Partner dances and circle dances, people being wiped around the room by men in kilts while the band in the corner keeps time with an array of accordion, piano, and drums. When you add into the mix that about half of the group doesn't know the dances it gets interesting. I think that my feet were stepped on about a dozen times. On the way home I had to wobble because my feet were so sore. These dances remind so much of summer camp and the square dances with the kids. Friday afternoon there was a parade of the UK olympians that passed a street near my dorm. There were people everywhere waving Scottish flags and cheering. After the parade we headed to a pub quiz at one of the unions and then to a hypnotist. After nearly being hypnotized myself we headed back to the dorm for a night of Friends with a girl who equal loves the show. In bed at a decent time because Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to covering a small portion of the museums that will be free because of Doors Open Day. There are an overwhelming amount of museums in the city. My goal to visit half of them by the end of the semester.

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