Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 43... Robert Burns and Castle

October 13
Rise and shine, its field trip time! Today my Scottish Enlightenment class is taking a field trip to the birth place of the famous poet, Robert Burns. After wandering around the small town that Burns lived his first seven years and exploring the thatched house that he lived in we made our way to an interactive museum that was built just in the last couple years. The museum and Burns memorabilia was a bust and was not very interesting. I think that it would have helped if we had a better idea of who he was and what he wrote. I know this is the stereotypical American, but at least half of our class had no idea who he was or something he wrote. After the museum and lunch we made our way back to the bus and headed to the Culzean Castle that resides on the coast of the ocean. Apparently you can look out on a calm day and see many isles and sometimes even Ireland. I don't know if the tour guide was joking or not but we could see many isles in the distance on the horizon. This castle made up for the poor tour guides and boring museum from the Burns pilgrimage. The castle was very beautiful and the grounds were even better. We were allotted about 40 minutes to walk about the gardens. We found a secret trail that lead down to the water and I even found some sea shells. This was beautiful, it was pretty misty and rainy but still fabulous. The Culzean castle is probably my favorite castle that I have been too since arriving in Scotland. After a long bus ride back, I didn't feel like doing much else. But later in the evening, I got a second wind and some girls and myself from my floor decided to head out to a movie. We went to the late showing of The Perks of Being a Wall Flower. I don't know how I felt about the film. It was pretty sad, mom if you read this don't go to it in the theaters, you will cry. Overall, I would say I good Saturday. Tomorrow, church, laundry that I still haven't finished, and studying for my visual test in art history. Pictures from the day to come.

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