Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 14-17 Loosing track of the Days

Once again I have fallen behind. The days are such a blur, I doesn't seem like I have been here for all most two months. Classes are fully under way, exams and papers are quickly approaching and soon the semester will be over. Wow, I am getting stressed just thinking about the fact that a couple of papers and one or two exams will determine my final grades. No homework assignments to make the tests worth less and no caring professors to hold my hand through the paper writing process. Good thing that right in the middle of the stressful week I have photography. I know that it seems that is all I write about, but seriously, photography class is the one class that I look forward to every week. This week was not as successful as last week but I think that was because I developed all my good pictures last week. We got the cameras for the week again, hopefully I will get some good still-lifes this week. This weekend I am riding the Hogwarts Express!! And then I am doing a solo trip to Loch Ness, maybe I will see Nessie....

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