Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 31-33... classes

October 1-3
Wow, the days are whooshing by! I have been here a month! Monday morning war rough, I think the hardest Monday I have yet encountered. My Monday's are super long 5 classes, and after getting back late Sunday, exhausted is putting how I felt modestly.  Early nights both Monday and Tuesday, trying to catch up on some sleep. Nothing too exciting, except on Wednesday I was able to print my first to photographs from photography. SO MUCH FUN!! Most of the composites looked pretty good, only a few were over exposed or under exposed. Who knew a math major could be so artsy? I gave one of the samples to the girl on my floor that walked around the city with me in the rain. She even asked for me to sign it, watch out Annie Griffiths, here comes Maggie. Really don't have much to say, thinking about going to London for the weekend and try and catch the end of Buckingham Palace season.


  1. Hi Maggie! I really enjoy your blog! I am a junior at Augustana College in Illinois, so we have a bit of a quasi-connection there haha! I am considering studying abroad at the University of Glasgow this coming spring semester. I wanted to ask you if you found classes at a British university more difficult than American classes? How do they compare? Thanks! -Liz

    1. Hey,
      Well the classes at my home university are really small and if you skipped class for the whole first month, the professor would notice and become concerned. In a big university the only things that you have to show up for are the tutorials or seminars and the lectures no one notices if you are gone. This was the strangest thing for me! Also, at home I am sure you write a billion small papers and do countless busy work assignments. Here there is no assigned, at least I haven't had, homework. Your grade relies on a paper and an exam or sometimes four tests or sometimes two papers. The school system here places the responsibility on your shoulders and the professors really aren't there to guide you. I don't think that it is harder here, just different than in the US. Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for the info! This does help, it's great to hear what someone who is actually there has to say. I hope you have a wonderful semester, it sounds so exciting!