Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 20th.. Loch Ness and hiking

Woke up early to venture out into the village. By the time that I had packed everything and made my way out of the hostel it was about nine and none of the cafes were open. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. I made it to the Loch Ness Exhibition center right around 9:30 and was finished walking through by 10:30, it was little eerie. There were movies shown in different rooms that were decorate with memorabilia from the Loch, but I was the only one in all of them. I was a little spooked still from last night too. After the Exhibition Center, I ventured back the way I came from to do a hike up to this fantastic waterfall. I made a few wrong turns but figured it out. I was just about to the top when the girl from the hostel passes me on her way down. She ensured me that I was going the right way and that the view was worth all the sweat. Once again nobody else was on the trail so it was very peacful. Supposedly one of the houses at the top of the hill belonged to the author of Peter Pan ages ago. After resting and catching my breath by the waterfall, I headed back down the hill to try and see if I could catch a boat out on to the Loch. One left at 12 and I had just missed it so I would have to wait till 2 and then hopefully make it back before 3:10 when my bus left for Fort Williams so I could catch my train back to Glasgow. Everything worked out. The tour was ok, I don't know if it I would do it again. The elderly man that was leading the tour seemed pretty convinced that Nessie was real and he kept trying to convince that she was. The tour took us around to the back side of the ruins that I didn't get to see last night in the pitch dark, so that was nice. The weather all day was beautiful. I caught my bus and train and made it back to Glasgow. The train ride seemed to take forever. I had started a book on the way up to Fort William and I finished it on the way back, that is telling you how long the train and bus rides are. I feel pretty proud that I made it on my own! Pictures to come.

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