Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 38-42... Classes

October 8-12
This week is going to be spent preparing for my Astronomy exam on Friday. I think that this is  the first time in ages that I have prepared for an exam more than three days in advance, minus finals. After this weekend I was all caught up on my reading and was able to do some studying. Once again the one thing that gets me through classes every week is knowing that on Wednesdays I will be able to go work on my photography. This week we continued printing pictures, I enjoy it so much that when everyone else slipped out for the customary art school break I stayed in the dark room and continued printing my pictures. We still haven't been able to use the cameras again but his week we will get them back and can continue building our portfolios. We had an individual meeting with the professor on Wednesday and she looked over our composites and told us what she thought of them. She pointed out what she thought we liked to focus on. She told me that my 'still-lifes' are very good and it seems like those are the types of pictures that I enjoy taking. Isn't any picture a still life? I think that I enjoy taking pictures that are snapshots into everyday life. Some of the pictures that I printed included scenes of chess, an elderly couple walking and holding hands in the rain and a grafittied wall. Some of the other photographs would have been good if I had focused the camera. Next roll will go much smoother. Thursday I was able to talk to Gabe on Skype for his birthday for almost an hour and a half, that was a highlight to the week right behind photography. I spent the rest of the night preparing for my astronomy exam. I think that my first test went ok here, distances on the exam were in km where as in the book it had both miles and km. That part was a little difficult and also the section that was supposed to be on the sun mostly focused on waves and wavelengths. I was not really ready for that. Saturday we have a class trip to Robert Burns' birthplace and then to a castle along the coast of the ocean, should be fun!

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