Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 37... Good bye London

October 7
Woke up early hoping to make it to church at St. Paul's cathedral but spent too much time watching Wizards of Waverley Place... television these days. After a quick breakfast and good byes, I lugged my backpack out the door and attempted to make my way to St. Paul's. The train station that I had been using all weekend was closed... had to take a bus to another one. An hour and a half later finally made it to church and just in time for the last service to start. The Cathedral was beautiful! Mosaics on all the ceiling space and arches and sculptures everywhere. Forgetting about all the closings of the underground I headed back to try and find my way to Portobello Road. After another hour wandering and switching from underground to bus and back to underground I made it to the market. It wasn't like what it was in Bed knobs and Broom sticks but similar. There were stands that lined the street with vendors selling things from books to used leather jackets. I had no room in my back pack except for a book since I finished my other one on the way here. I am not going to lie, it was slightly overwhelming walking the street by myself, there were so many people and it was slightly dodgy. I did not make it to the Natural History Museum like I hoped but I did not want to end up the like we were in Munich, just making it to the airport right before boarding. I arrived at the airport with plenty of time and was able to finish my reading for lecture on Monday. I really enjoyed my weekend, there is so much to do and see in London. I definitely want to go back but I don't think that it will happen this stay in Europe. It was so nice to be able to stay in a house and with a family. Arrived back in Glasgow, tired yet again, relieved to be in Scotland where there are far less tourists. Pictures to come soon, but better start studying. My first exam is on Friday over stars, galaxies and cosmology.

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