Monday, November 5, 2012

October 29th- November 4 Week from Hell

This post is so late due to the fact that I have been barely keeping ahead of my classes. So, apparently since there is little busy work in the British school system, all essays and exams carry a lot of weight. We are talking about 40% of my final grade... Two exams and one paper this week. First exam, Thursday was for art history. Task: memorizing a bagillion pieces of art and being able to recite the artist, date, subject, medium and some other random facts. Plus side of this strenuous task, I can now carry on an intelligent conversation with a person about Renaissance art. I now know what counterposto is and what Donatello owes Ghiberti (soon to develop into an essay). After spending countless hours studying for the exam, I felt semi-prepared. The exam went decent, I knew all the artist that we were quizzed on and all the topics. As for the dates, not so much, I thought that being a math major the numbers would stick. 1302 became 1332. Unfortunately you have to be within five years to get the points. Now, we play the waiting game to see what scores I will recieve. Friday, exam 2, Astronomy. I don't know if professors find pleasure in asking the most obscure questions about topics that were barely touched in lecture but this is what happened on the exam. I knew at least 15 of the 30 questions, so I guess that is better than none. I was so preoccupied with studying for my art history exam that I neglected astronomy. Kids, procrastination is the devil and when you procrastinate get ready for hell. Not really but pretty close. Nothing good comes from procastinating. My head was still throbbing after my exam on Friday from memorizing light waves and artists, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Still to complete, a 2,000 word paper, which sounded simple. Did you know that is roughly SEVEN pages? Well, it is. Introduction done Friday night, revise intro and two points done on Saturday and finish it on Sunday. Little breaks were taken throughout the weekend but other than that isolation in my room. Let me remind you that Halloween was this week. Did I get to celebrate, minus the candy corn my mom sent? Nope, in my room working on homework all week. I didn't even really get t enjoy photography this week thanks to Art history. Oh, well. So is life, hopefully it will pay off. This week should be much better nothing due and I am heading to Paris on Thursday! As always, should be an adventure!

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