Monday, November 12, 2012

November 5th- 7th

Relaxation and Recovery from horrible week:
The time has come and gone yet again this week. You probably think that I keep forgetting about writing but this small thing called life gets in the way or my not so secret obsession with Friends gets in the way. Monday in the UK is a celebration called Guy Fawkes, I am still not quite sure what the history is behind the holiday but it has something to do with some blowing up the parliament and rebellion. Similar to the movie V for Vendetta, is what I have been told. Monday night we, my flat mates and I, ventured to the Glasgow Green for fireworks. The walk was long and cold but along the river. There were thousands of people on the Green. The fireworks lasted for about twenty minutes and the whole walk back there were other fireworks from surrounding cities. Tuesday night went to a French film that I wouldn't recommend to anyone unless they wanted to be depressed for the rest of the night. I had every intention of starting some work but my motivation depleted by the film. Wednesday night photography class and birthday celebrations for a girl from my flat. Went pretty well this week, still my pictures are not focused the best. Things to work on for the next roll. Thursday I head to Paris... by myself for a day and a half. Nervous considering that a girl in photography told me that two of her friends lost or rather were pick-pocketed and had there passports and credit cards and everything else stolen. I have already had to deal with a stolen credit card here, I don't want that to happen again. Always an adventure!

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