Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 8th-10th... Paris

I am back in Glasgow, safe in my room where the majority of the population speaks English and are generally friendly. Paris was overwhelming for the first five hours to say the least. I made it to the airport in Glasgow and made it through customs in Paris. I hopped on a bus that took me to the center of Paris. I was still feeling confident, earlier this year I was able to manage the London underground and the Paris metro seemed similar. Looking at the map, I found the nearest station to my hostel and was able to operate the metro. However, the overwhelming part was finding my way from the station to the hostel, by MYSELF. I don't know any substantial French. I asked people for directions and was blatantly ignored several times. The station that I got off was Bastille circle and there are about six roads that part. I walked up and down ALL of them, unable to find my way. Finally on the last option, I found a lady that had an iPhone and who was kind enough to show me where to go. She didn't really speak French but we managed. I made it to the hostel and realized that staying in a booming metropolis all alone is slightly overwhelming. I went for pizza at six which is odd for French people, usually they eat around nine. After a dinner for one, I headed back to the hostel. Don't worry the weekend gets much better. My roommate for the night showed up. She was a fashion editor from the Ukraine. This was here finally night in Paris and she had met some people earlier in the week. She invited me to join her and her friends for wine and dessert. It was wonderful!! There was a group of about 15 of us. Everyone was very nice and warm, much different than my experience earlier. 
Friday, I was busy running around Paris hopping on and off of metros. I went to the Notre Dame, Meuse d'Orsay, the National Assembly, and Sacré Coeur. Everything was beautiful, it looked like a postcard. After a long day, I headed back to the hostel to meet up with the girls from Glasgow and some of their friends from their home universities. We walked around Paris and headed to the Eiffel tower. Did you know that is shimmers every hour for 10 minutes. It was phenomenal! It is one of those things that you imagine of doing since you are young. I generally don't cry easily but I was almost moved to tears. After all the walking we were starved, so we headed to a small bar where we had some wine and pasta. It was delicous. I don't think that I have ever eaten so much bread except when Grandma makes fresh bread. 
Saturday I spent most of my time in the Louvre and walking around. The architecture in Paris is all Victorian and beautiful! I didn't take very many pictures but I did take a roll of black and white, fingers crossed they turned out. I made it back to Glasgow and had to wait for a bus, after a long wait at the airport and a brief walk back to my dorm I immediately fell asleep. The best nights rest since I have been here. Overall, it was a great weekend. I now know that I can handle myself and any situation presented.

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