Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 11th-18th

After the long weekend in Paris, most of my time in the beginning of the week was spent sleeping or lying in bed. I think that Paris got the best of me and may have given me a going away gift, a cold. After I took a few days to rest and recover, I had to get back to work two more essays, an exam, and two finals still left in a short matter of time. I spent a lot of time in the resource room for art history trying to find books on Donatello, not the Ninja Turtle, and his master Ghiberti. After researching all week, I sat down Saturday and Sunday to write my essay. To get me excited for a fun filled or lack of fun filled weekend, Friday night I went to a Band of Horses concert. It was great! I was in the second row and a guitar pick was thrown almost directly at my eye. I swatted it away not knowing what was flying at my face, Hannah and I looked all over for the pick and so did everyone else around us. We didn't find it, until Hannah got back and she was getting ready for bed and magically it fell to the ground of her room. I must have swatted it in her purse, hair or sweater. Anyway, she had heckled the band to give her the set list of the concert, so she gave me the pick!! Saturday spent all day working on my essay. To continue the musical weekend I went to the Scottish National Symphony. It was really good, they explained the movements in the first part and then played all the way through after. I only closed my eyes for a few short moments. Coming next week, essay due and another Astronomy exam. Also in photography class I get to develop my last role of film from Paris!!

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