Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November 25th- DECEMBER 1st... Last week of classes

I know that the last couple of weeks I have been stressing how fast time has gone by, but it has. My classes here at Glasgow are finished. I guess this is the point that one would reflect over their time. I don't know what to say really. It seems like a blur. I know that I have learned a lot about art, photography and astronomy. But I think that I have learned the same amount about myself. Not only this semester have I been able to survive a school system that seems very impersonal and at one of the top universities in the world but I have survived situations that I could never have had in the States. I have mastered some of the most complicated subway systems in the world, ALONE and confidant. I have realized the not only in the small town USA that I am from there are ignorant people but all over the world there are people that will try to tell you things that are false. I have also been privileged enough to confirm my belief that happiness is universal. While my time here dwindles away in Scotland, the lessons in and out of the classroom that I have learned will remain with me for ages to come. I am happy to return to the small school that I came from but I will be very sad to leave behind the vibrant culture of Glasgow and Europe.
I used to never be a museum person but here I have learned to appreciate the works and work that goes into creating and maintaining a historical deposit. Here in Scotland I have been able to cross things off my bucket list at least once a month. What a life! This week I submitted two photos to the National Geographic photo contest. One from Paris that I took with my black and white film camera and one that I took on an adventure through the Highlands. I don't think that previous to my travels here I would have been willing to enter or would have I had anything so beautiful to enter.
Taking photos was not something that I enjoyed before, ask my dad. Hopefully the habit of documenting everything here will follow me home. I have two brothers that are growing up way too fast and they need some photos to help remember all their memories.
This reflection is coming a little early but the rest of my time here will be spent studying for horrendous exams and then traveling a small portion of the world. What adventures lie ahead! 


  1. Enjoy the last few weeks, you've done awesome

  2. Maggie, is sounds like you've really grown up. Glad you have enjoy your time in Scotland. Love you, Aunt Penny Ann