Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 2nd-10th... Finals and Essay

Life has become consumed with writing a 4,000 word essay on the Scottish Enlightenment and the influence it had on Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Indpendence. One would think that this is an intriguing topic, however, after reading around 20 books from the library I now know more about my good, old friend TJ than his mother knew about him. I am a math major, never in my life have I had to nor cared to write a 14 page essay... In between attempting to write this dang paper, I attempt to revise for my two finals. I think that the only final I am looking forward to is my portfolio presentation for photography. It seems that the closer to the final the more procrastination plagues me. Prime example, tonight I did almost everything possible to not study for History of Art. Another great example, with in the last week I have been to two concerts, Mumford and Sons and the Black Keys. Also I made a trip down to England and visited Liverpool to see the Beatles museum. It was so interesting. I even walked by the bar that the Beatles started playing in. I have so many activities that I need to cram into the next couple of days.  In a matter of four days I will be finished with classes here in Scotland and I will be on a plane bound for London and then on to Turkey. The travels around Europe continue to Greece and then on to Rome and hopefully Pisa, where I can apply some of the valuable information that I have learned in Art History this term. It seems that procrastination and a lack of motivation is a disease that has been infecting all the students in university around the world. Maybe instead of working for the National Geographic I should try to discover a cure for it. Well, I should probably get back to pretending like I am doing some work or better yet go to sleep and dream of how much work I will accomplish tomorrow.


  1. Bob is upset that you went to Liverpool and didn't stop in and see his soccer team (football) team who plays at Anfield. He is heart broken!!!
    You will be surprised at Pisa. I've always wanted to go to Greece, so am looking forward to hearing about that. Good luck on exams, and have a fun last 2 weeks.

  2. Hi Maggie,

    Penny and I are having a great time. We're hitting all the thrift shops! The sun has been shining and today the temp was 42 degrees.

    Looking to seeing you, hearing all about your trip and seeing the pictures.

    Aren't you surprised to seeing me use the computer???

    Love you very much, Grammy

  3. Loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Maybe Scotland should be on my bucket list. Looking forward to having you home. Caleb wants a monopoly tournament! love Barb