Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Remaining Travels

This is way overdue and I am not going to give the rest of my travels justice. After Istanbul we made our way to Athens with a side trip Agenia (where the best pistachios in the world are grown). Then after a most delectable journey in Athens. Our last stop was Rome where we met up with CJ, a friend from home. We went to Christmas Eve mass in the Vatican and experienced Rome the right way through the museums, food, and gelato. After long two weeks of traveling I made my way back to Glasgow to pack and clean up my room. I walked the streets of Glasgow for the last time and then hauled my bags to the main street to hail a taxi to the airport. After 26 hours of no sleep, a lot of movie watching and sitting down I made back home. Waiting at the airport was my whole family and hiding in the corner were some friends who gave me a nice surprise. I think that at this point I was pretty delirous. And now I am back at home, trying to get in the groove of things. It is pretty different walking around campus and seeing people that I know everywhere I go. It is like a high school reunion for the good and the bad. My journey has come to and end but another one will soon come....
The pictures of my travels do more justice than words, so that is what you get for a summary of my travels, pictures.

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